Casa Léa, Vacation home in Famara

General situation of Casa Léa
General situation of Casa Léa

In Lanzarote, a vacation house on the sea side

Casa Léa is a very well situated house, like you can see in this picture.
It is in the Famara zone in front of the Graciosa island. It is a joint house of a six houses urbanization.
Its situation give 2 views, one on Famara and the other on the Jable desert.

The East terrace of Casa Léa

Entrance by Famara front view.

Situated between 2 houses, the natural entrance is by this Famara side.
The house have a 75m2 superficy, with a salon-livingroom, an opened kitchen, and 2 bedrooms.
This house is for 4 persons maximum.

The East terrace of Casa Léa

Casa Léa, a house with Double personality

As can be seen in this photo, this home has 2 entrances, and a double personality.
With Two worlds which coexist, on one side the sea and the Famara cliffs and the other the desert of Lanzarote and the ocean out of sight.
It is this transparency of the House which give to Casa Lea this particular charm.

The view from the garden

Casa Léa, view from Famara terrace or from the garden.

Here is the view that one has from the terrace or garden Famara Casa Lea. This is the entire Bay of Famara, with the sea, the Risco de Famara, cliff that forms the whole north of Lanzarote, and the islands of Graciosa, not visible in this photo.

The west terrace

Casa Léa, The west terrace on the desert Jable

This is the occidental terrace with his view to the desert and ocean. It has also table, lounge chairs and barbacoa.

The view form the west terrace

Casa Léa, view from the west terrace.

Here is the view that one has from the West Terrace, wilderness and also the rooms. Of course the ubiquitous sea, and there landless limit to the horizon, and the desert of Jable very visible in this photo, but extends to the west of the house out of sight, with its chain of volcanoes and not a house within 8 km.

The view form the west terrace

Wifi connexion in Casa Léa

We are pleased to announce our guests that they can now connect to the internet at Casa Leah. Thanks to a young, Wifi Canarias, you can have free wireless internet 1Mb / s.

Plan of Casa Léa

Casa Léa, Plan de la casa.

House of 75m2.
Terraces: 35m2.
A salon-livingroom and an open kitchen.
A bedroom with 160 bedsize, a bedroom with twin beds 1 m.
Bath with shower, independant WC


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