Jameos del Agua - A dream come true

Lanzarote: Los Jameos del Agua:the lagoon
Lanzarote: Los Jameos del Agua: outside

At the age of seven César Manrique had a dream in which he saw the caves exactly as they are today. A dream that was to become reality.The volcanic grotto, Jameos del Agua, with its underground lagoon, was formed by César Manrique into a fascinating ensemble of nature and architecture.

Lanzarote: Los Jameos del Agua:pool

A tropical garden leads down to the lagoon, a bar is built into the porous rock, a discotheque and a swimming pool complete the picture. The culmination is, however, the theatre created within the natural limits of the volcanic rock, where concerts are held, films are shown and folkloristic dances take place.

Lanzarote: Los Jameos del Agua:bar

About 270 years ago Lanzarote experienced the worst volcanic eruptions of modern times. The volcanic gases and the different lava levels created huge bubbles in the hot lava. These later became caves, some of which are partly above ground.

Lanzarote: Los Jameos del Agua:details

César Manrique turned these caves into habitable areas formed by nature. At the same time they are a bulwark against the steady destruction of the landscape through functional buildings with their ugly and uniform façades.

Lanzarote: Los Jameos del Agua: Auditorium

César Manrique's architecture presents real alternatives to modern architectural forms. It is at once a great task and a personal conviction. His work amply shows his tremendous enthusiasm and his richness of ideas. His influence on contemporary architecture is making itself increasingly felt.