Kitesurf on Famara Beach

Kitesurf on Famara Beach

The Famara beach, 2,5kms far from Casa Dominique is an exeptional spot to practice Kitesurf.

Tides at Lanzarote:

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Kiteboard, jump in Famara

Its advantages: Winds:

  • The Famara zone is under the trade-winds:
  • . Superiors trade winds from N-W and inferiors trade winds from N-E
  • Others winds:
  • . Saharian winds from S-E, hot and strong.Tropical wind from South
  • . Local wind, Brisa, from north.

Kiteboard, take-off in Famara

Its advantages: The sea:

  • . White sand beach with beach break waves type.,
  • . Wave power: soft, with tide Position: Mid to High, and swell size: 0.3 - 1m, to 4 m in winter.

Kiteboard, upside down in Famara

Its advantages: The beach:

Sand beach white, long of 6 kms, it allows the practice of kite-surfing, without obstructing the others surfers.

Kitesurf on Famara Beach
Kiteboard, departure of jump in Famara

The best period:

The best season to practice kitesurf : from September to March.

Kiteboard, departure of the beach in Famara

The Kitesurf'schools.

There are 3 surfshop for rent his material of good quality. For the beginners: 3 kitesurf's school, organize courses and training courses.

Kiteboard, departure in Famara

Links of interest:

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For the weather of Famara zone: Forecoast lanzarote

Kitesurf on Famara Beach

The beach of Famara, deserted with the sunset.

Kitesurf on Famara Beach

The beach of Famara, and the KiteBoard championship of Spain

Kiteboard, jump in Famara
Kiteboard, jump in Famara