El Golfo

Lanzarote, The beach of El Golfo
Lanzarote, The Charco de los clicos

The Charco de los clicos.

In the south of Timanfaya you can reach the El Golfo Volcano. The Charco de los Clicos is popular with sightseers. The Charco itself is a small emerald-green pond, just in from the beach and overshadowed by a rocky cliff. It is not safe to swim here though, as it can get very rough.
Lanzarote, The village El Golfo

The village El Golfo.

Also boasting several good seafood restaurants, most have terraces overlooking the sea, El Golfo village is an ideal spot for savouring a tasty seafood meal, while enjoying a beautiful sunset and magnificent views.
Lanzarote, Las Salinas de Janubio

Las Salinas de Janubio.

After about 6 kms, you reach the long Playa de Janubio, behind which are Las Salinas de Janubio, salt pans from where sea salt is extracted.
Lanzarote, Ocean and sea of lava

Ocean and sea of lava.

Los Hervideros is where tunnels created by lava and volcanic rocks meet the Atlantic. The sea thunders in and out of the caves and blow holes as if it was boiling water.