Casa-Museo Monumento al Campesino

Lanzarote: Monumento al campesino
Lanzarote: Castillo de San Gabriel el puente de las Bolas

A tribute to the peasants of lanzarote

Manrique felt it of utmost importance to clearly demonstrate the broad détails of traditional Lanzarote architecture. To this end he designed a building in the style of the typical Lanzarotean farm, the Casa-Museo del Campesino.
Lanzarote: Castillo de San Gabriel: guns of the fort

White and green colours

Pitched roofs and patios to catch the precious rain water, Moorish chimney and Canarian balcony. The interior high-ceilinged to stay cool, the stone work white against the sun and the woodwork painted in the green of the Island's fishing boats.
Lanzarote: Castillo de San Gabriel: The fort

A house on the Lapillis

When the most fertile area of the Island was destroyed during volcanic éruptions more than 250 years ago the local farmers discovered that volcanic grains are porous and used them to cover their fields. Acting as a sponge they soak up the dew which then irrigates the soil.
Lanzarote: Castillo de San Gabriel: The fort

The sculpture of the fertility

As a tribute to their initiative Manrique built this monument in the geographical centre of Lanzarote using water tanks from abandoned fishing boats.